jeudi 25 août 2011

GameStop forced Square Enix to remove Deus Ex: Human Revolution from its shelves

While the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available in the U.S. recently,we have just learned that the brand GameStop forced Square Enix to remove the game from its shelves. Why? Well just imagine that all this is due to the fact that SquareEnix had integrated in the box, in addition to the game on physical media, a code todownload the title on the platform OnLive. It was not to the taste of GameStop, which owns the platform download Impulse. Thus, if initially, GameStop employees had opened the boxes to remove the coupons, the store chain has reached an agreement with Square Enix in order to return all received versions and replace them with versionswithout box coupons . Moreover, the Japanese company apologized for themiscommunication between both parties and has already prompted buyers who want a version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution without additional coupon to buy the title in one of 4000 stores North American GameStop or download a digital copy on their website.

Console sales in Japan

The sales figures for consoles in Japan for the week of August 15 to 21, 2011 fell. It includes a 3DS in top form for the second week following its price dropBehind, the ranking remains virtually unchanged. Note the still good performance of the PS3 due toa decrease in the price of 5,000 yen (about € 45has sold nearly 30,000 copies, against 20,000 last week.

MachineSales of the weekSales of the yearTotal sales
Nintendo 3DS105.6391.612.0041.612.004
Playstation Portable40.8881.328.97718.014.922
PlayStation 329.666785.5426.873.032
Nintendo DS7.914559.30632.701.558
PlayStation 21.78951.59421.747.686
Xbox 3601.42775.7241.496.221
Image of Rhythm Heaven (Wii)
Media Createlike clockwork, today unveiled the best-selling games in Japan for the period from August 15 to 21In this very calm, it should be noted nonetheless that Monster Hunter Nikki lost the leadership in favor of a Rhythm Heaven that do not require as having lost
its first place there over a month.

Top selling games in Japan from August 15 to 21
- 1. Rhythm Heaven / Wii - 48 190
- 2. Monster Hunter NikkiPokaPoka Airu Village G / PSP - 40 997
- 3. Mass Attack Kirby / DS - 35 235
- 4. Hyperdimensions Neptunia 2 / PS3 - 32 751
- 5. Pokémon Super Rumble / 3DS - 32 144
- 6. Growlanser IV Reloaded Over / PSP - 21 896
- 7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D / 3DS - 21 465
- 8. Wii Sports Resort / Wii - 20 969
- 9. Let's Make a J. League Pro Soccer Club! 7 / PSP - 17 727
- 10. TorikoSurvival Gourmet / PSP - 17 521

Apple loses its CEO

The iconic co-founder and owner of the trademark accessory Apple, Steve Jobs has just left the ship. Indeed, the man, who was on sick leave since January, said he could no longer fulfill his duties as director and he gave way to his second, Tim Cook. This departure, which should in no way delay the arrival of the iPhone 5 by the end of the year, is still marked as Jobs has been critical of Apple in the image of Bill Gates andMicrosoft. Note however that the man wants to remain chairman of the board of Apple,This implies a strong decision-making power.